We are transforming paper Law contracts

The Internet is changing the world and way, how society works. Thanks to the blockchain technology, there is a new way, how law contracts can be done in a digital way. Everything with an emphasis on security, transparency and without the possibility of fraud.

Blockchain technology allows, that you can transparently store and distribute any type of information through the network without the need of a third party.

New age of internet - Blockchain

In the beginning, no one knows, what exactly is Blockchain before it was used for the first time in Bitcoin project. (Bitcoin is the financial network, where users can exchange currency units between each other without any third party).

Bitcoin showed to the world new possibilities of usage of Blockchain technology. Developers immediately started with researching, how this technology can be used. One of the best discoveries is smart contracts.

What is smart contract?

Smart contracts are digital way, how we can put information, rule or specific condition into the programming code, which can be transparently approved or signed by interested parties. Smart contracts are stored on blockchain network and it cannot be deleted or edited without approval with interested parties.

Major benefits of use Smart contracts in Law

A new digital age of Law is coming

And we want to do the first step into adoption

Learn howLearn how

Transparent contracts

Signature through blockchain

Decentralized store of contracts

Cost reduction

Fast and simple

No possible fraud actions

It is very likely that in a few years programmers and lawyers will do the same job.

Technological progress can not be stopped

We want to show the world, how the Legal system can easily work on Ethereum Smart Contracts through our real use examples

* Legal examples were conducted in an environment of Czech republic jurisdiction

Sale and transfer of realties

In progress 

Sale and transfer of cars

In progress 

Specific individual contracts

In progress 

Corporate contracts and law

In progress 

Team members

Thanks to our knowledge about Cryptocurrency technologies and law, we want to contribute to society and try to implement these new technologies into the real world.

Successful implementation can save you a lot of money and speed up all Legal process.

Petr Sanetrník

Crypviz co-founder, Crypviz-smartlaw co-founder


Martin Nasswettr

Crypviz co-founder, Crypviz-smarlaw co-founder


Jakub Nasswettr

Crypviz-smarlaw co-founder, legal operations specialist


Ready to start using smart contracts like a new legal standard?